Money Saving Moving Tips

Make a list

When preparing for your move, it's important to keep a list of all the To-Do's necessary before moving day. 

Tasks like: Transferring utility services, cable installations, scheduling carpet cleaners or move out cleaning services aren't things you want to wait til the last minute to do. 

By preparing to move well in advance, you'll have time to get everything in better order for your moving day.  It will also help you save money just by shopping for the best prices and processes to complete the move!


Don't be afraid to comparison shop for the right moving company, storage and truck providers ...etc.  Ask each company if they have coupons or discounts available online for you to use BEFORE YOU BOOK! You'll find that not all companies have the services included in the prices you're quoted.  

Buy plenty of supplies

Order supplies well in advance and prepare to go back and purchase more. Usually we underestimate just how much stuff we've accumulated while living in our home.  Buying your boxes online can save you money but Don't be afraid to ask family and friends, even local stores for extra boxes.  Make sure the boxes you use are sturdy and close completely. 

Note:Totes are Wonderful for moving odds and ends.

Have At Least one Quilted moving blanket per piece of furniture and carefully consider how you package your fragile pieces.  Those thin rented blankets just won't protect your furniture as well as the quilted ones.

 We can preorder your moving blankets if you'd prefer. Just let us know!  


Don't forget to leave the things out that you will need on your First Day of move in

(or at least label those boxes so they'll be easier to find).


  You may want to put things like these in your vehicle instead of the moving truck or container.  

 Cell Phones



 Packed Baby Bag 

Pet carriers and pet food

Your favorite Pillow

Priceless things like family heirlooms and jewelry

Important paperwork including school and needed medical records.  

Those things that are needed immediately during or after your move and/or irreplaceable things you'd like to keep a close eye on.

Here's a list of additional items to have readily available at Both your old and new home.




Utility Knife

Measuring tape


Hex keys


Cleaning Supplies:


clothing and dish detergent

stove cleanser

toilet and tub cleanser

mop and broom

trash bags


newspaper or some other covering if you dont have

 blinds or curtains ready to hang


Packing hanging clothing

You can easily fit your hanging clothing in wardrobe boxes.

However that's not the only way to do it!  One of the Many tricks we've learned from our cost conscious customers is to               USE Lawn/Garden BAGS

That's right...Lawn and Garden BAGS!  Bring the open bag up from the bottom of a group of hanging clothing and simply Tie the group of clothing around the neck of the hangers using the bag's pull strings or zip ties... securing them together. We've witnesses some amazing things in this business and this one takes some practice But it will save you money!

Keeping up with those screws and bolts

If you've moved a few times you've probably made use of sandwich bags to keep up with your furniture screws and bolts.  Then by the time you move into your new home you've misplaced them!  Here's a handy solution. PUT THEM BACK IN THE FURNITURE!!! 

That's correct.  If you took it out of a hole, put it back in that same hole.  When it's time to reassemble you know EXACTLY where to find them.  

Renting a Storage Container or Trailer Space?

Hiring professional moving helpers will allow you to save time, space and better protect your furniture for the trip.

They can maximize the amount of furniture that can be placed inside your container. Which will reduce the chances of having to leave things behind.


Storage container providers often do NOT provide coverage for damages to your belongings and shifting will almost Always occur.  This can be minimized by having the correct supplies ready for your moving helpers to use.  Make sure to purchase moving blankets, rope or tie-downs and use sturdy boxes, totes or crates for fragile items. 

Consider having your containers delivered the day before your moving helpers are scheduled to arrive.  This ensures the moving team can get right to work when they arrive. 


Do NOT put items in the storage containers before the moving team gets there!!!

A professional moving team knows how to maximize the available space and sort your belongings in a way that best protects them for the trip.  They'll only end up having to resort what you put in which takes even longer.  


You will find that our movers are Very efficient in loading these containers however please be aware that a box is a box no matter how big it is! So take  a Good look at your planning on loading and consider ordering One more container than you may Think you need. Just so you can be sure that nothing will need to be left behind.  If you find that you don't need it after all, many Container providers will refund the cost of the unused one. Check with them to be sure before you order.  The SAME goes for renting a moving truck...Better too big and not need it then too small and have to double back or leave things behind.

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We hope these suggestions will help you with a LOW Stress, LOW Cost moving experience!

We wish you the best,

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