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                                    About US

                                Biggy Movers Incorporated


    We are a small family business located in Douglasville, GA.  It's important that you know that our team goes above and beyond the industry standards to keep our customers happy!  Our Team Leaders have 10+ years of Professional moving experience and each of our team members is trained in safety and quality practices to ensure your move goes successfully.  

Local Moves  Our team provides low flat hourly rates for our local moving services which is determined based on the number of team members we provide you.  Our teams bring dollies, free stretch wrap, moving blankets and tools so that all you have to do is have a seat and watch the work get done!  (blankets not supplied for labor only or "Load Only" jobs) 

(Additional charges may be applied for oversized objects or other uncommon services needed)

Interstate Moving Options

Biggy Movers Incorporated provides Door to Door / Premium moving services that allow us to ensure your move goes smoothly from start to finish.  We arrive at your location ready to get you all packed and loaded onto our truck(s) and travel to your new location.  Usually the same team that loaded your belongings will be the ones there to unload the truck and get you settled into your new place.  In this industry you will find that many long distance carriers will take possession of your belongings and keep them up to a month before delivering them to you.  We offer Direct delivery to you without your shipment being loaded and unloaded onto different carrier's trucks or being stored or transported with other people's belongings. 

We also provide regular updates on your shipment location so you can feel at ease on moving day.

Our Binding Estimates provide you with the most accurate price available based on the items that you are moving, distance you're traveling and "accessorial charges" for extra services or items you need.  We want you to feel comfortable with the price you're paying and know in advance what to expect.  When or If any of your needs change just let us know and we'll promptly inform you (in writing) should it cause a change in your estimate.

We provide a copy of our company Tariff at your request so that you can go over our complete terms of service and calculate how we determined your moving estimate.

Our Non Binding Estimates are an option for additional savings.  A non-binding estimate is what your mover believes the total cost will be for the move, based upon the estimated weight of the shipment and the accessorial services requested.  It is not a guaranteed price and your final bill can be more or less than what we originally estimated for the Exact services you originally requested. 

Note: Any and all changes to your moving services that are made after your binding or non binding estimate can result in an increase or decrease in your final bill. 

 All estimates are in writing and provide a clear description of all charges included. 

A Bill of Lading is provided at least 3 days before your moving day and must be agreed to before we can provide your services.

To get the most accurate estimate it's important to complete the physical or virtual survey we provide you. You have the option to waive the physical or virtual survey. However it will effect the accuracy of the estimate we can provide you.



Sometimes it's the little things that matter most when choosing a moving company.    

Experience the benefits of hiring a family owned business!

Moving day is a major life change for most.  Having a skilled team that can help make your move as seamless as possible makes a Huge difference.

We are here to answer all of your moving related questions and provide the most reliable service possible.

We've been moving families for a long time and know just how frustrating changes can be. 

Have your moving plans changed? Closing date been delayed?

No worries! We will do our very best to accommodate unexpected events. 

                    Rest Assured

When you choose Biggy Movers Incorporated, you're hiring a team of Professionally skilled movers. 

Our teams come to your home or office ready to work and get the job done quickly and efficiently.  Our movers have all submitted to background checks and voluntarily agreed to random drug testing. 

Biggy Movers Incorporated  is Licensed and Insured. 

DOT# 3326283 MC# 1440126

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